Sunday School
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"The church is making two errors today in dealing with sexual issues:  One is to not talk about the subject; the other is to talk on the subject without engaging in a discussion.  Both these approaches weaken God's people because, unless the issues are thoroughly explored, most Christians today don't know how to think through the ways they are being influenced by the culture.  Getting the issues of sexuality out on the table and discussing them in open, safe settings is critical to help people begin to understand why God's design for sexuality is good and why it remains relevant for our lives today." 

Our objective for this study is to help Christians better grasp biblical thinking (what God's Word says and what it means for us), and how God's design for sex, sexuality, and gender contrasts with the way our culture thinks.

Join us for this important discussion, Sunday mornings at 9:30a in the fellowship hall.

Sunday school classes are provided for all children age 2+ during this time as well,
using materials from Great Commission publications.