Sunday School
The adult class is currently going through our Church Covenant, discussing what exactly it means and how we should go about interacting with it in our daily lives and in our lives together as a body.  This class meets in the fellowship hall and is led by Ron Rohrbach.

Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students
The Senior High class is studying "Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students".

"Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students gives teenagers and young adults a biblical, gospel-centered framework to understand sexual issues. In a changing culture where feelings about our identity inform our sexual choices, this study applies biblical truth in a compassionate way to sexual struggles.  Topics addressed include God's good design for sexuality, gender-related issues, singleness, dating, marriage, masturbation, pornography, and same-sex attraction, among others. Students are shepherded to understand their sexuality in the light of who Jesus is and to approach these issues with truth, faith, and compassion."


What's Up: Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You Really Are (Student Guide)

The Middle School class is studying "What's Up?".

"Have you ever asked a middle–school kid you know what’s up with “the gospel”? Can they explain what it is and why it matters to a kid? Or do they suspect that being good, listening to parents, and obeying rules is ultimately what God expects?

What’s Up? helps kids understand why the gospel really is good news. What’s Up answers the real questions of identity and purpose that begin to unfold in middle–school hearts and minds. Revealing God’s love, forgiveness, and power to change, What’s Up? helps students understand that the gospel is all about God making us into who he meant us to be all along. As they learn how to lean wholly (and happily) on Jesus through these formative years, their lives are changed from the inside out."


Sunday school classes are provided for all children age 2+ during this time as well,
using materials from Great Commission publications.